The Easiest Way To Succeed At Weight Loss

weightlossfoodsWeight loss does not have to be difficult or complicated.  In fact, the most successful weight loss programs are simple and actually fairly easy…believe it or not.  People themselves are the ones who make it complicated and difficult.

It is important to realize that the proper diet is needed to lose weight.  It should be the backbone of any weight loss program.  For a diet to be successful it must be done perfect and consistent.  A lot of people will eat good for a day or two then eat bad for a meal and think this is ok.  This is not ok.  Successful weight loss people are consistent with their diet for many weeks straight….this is when you see the real progress happen.

When I give my clients a diet to follow, it offers a wide variety of foods you can eat.  There are also foods to avoid and that should never be eaten…especially if you are trying to lose weight.

If you follow this one simple tip, I guarantee you will lose weight and reach your weight loss goals.  Here it is:  Only buy and have foods in your house that are allowed on the diet.

If you only have the foods you can eat in your house then there is no way that you will go off of your diet.  Simple.  What kind of foods you have in your house and in your shopping cart are highly related to what you look like.

The shopping cart of a person who is 50lbs overweight will be much different than someone that is lean.  That is a fact.  There is no need to keep any foods in your house that do not help you reach your weight loss goals.  These foods will be too tempting and even the most hard core dieters will eventually give in to them.  Save these foods for when you are allowed your cheat meals, then throw them out.  It is much better to throw out some food and waste money than it is to end up eating it.

Here is a step by step plan that anyone can follow:

  1. Empty your house of all foods that are not allowed on the diet.  Give them away, throw them in the garbage, whatever.
  2. Go to the grocery store
  3. Go to the produce section.  Buy fresh fruits and vegetables.
  4. Go to the meat section.  Buy lean cuts of meat
  5. Go to the egg section.  Buy some eggs
  6. Go buy to the oils sections and buy some olive oil and coconut oil
  7. Go to the seasonings section and buy some seasonings.
  8. Go checkout and leave


As you have noticed there Is no prepared dinners, bakery, or any of the foods you see in the middle of the store.  I’m sure you have heard it before-stick to the perimeter of the store and avoid the inside aisles as this is where all the garbage food is.  This is true but you can add in the bakery section as well.  I believe this section is most responsible for people’s weight loss problems.  Avoid anything from here like the plague.  And yes, this does include whole wheat, multi-grain or whatever.   It’s all the same and it is all garbage.

Even if you get cravings at night it is highly unlikely that you are going to go somewhere and buy junk food.  But if you have it in your house there is a very good chance that you will end up eating it.  Don’t even put yourself in that position.

If you follow the plan I gave you, it is impossible not to succeed.  Do not try to modify it or make little changes.  It may be a little difficult at first, but this will pass, I promise.  After that weight loss becomes amazingly easy!

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