Weight Loss: Do It Right Or Don’t Do It At All

Over the many years that I have been a trainer I have seen many people lose a lot of weight.  But I have also seen people who never reached their weight loss goals.   So how do we increase the chances of you reaching your goals the easiest and quickest way possible?

Well I will go over some things that may or may not be obvious to you.  The most important thing is do it right or don’t do it at all.  That means follow the diet 100% and follow the workout 100%.  At first this is going to make things tougher…for about the first 2 weeks.  It’s going to be a shock to you both mentally and physically.

It is going to be tough until your body loses it’s cravings for carbohydrates.  You must totally eliminate them though to lose these cravings.  It is when you do the diet only 80% or whatever that you will end up keeping your carb cravings around, thus making it harder in the end to stay on the diet.  If you follow the diet perfectly then a month in it should be super easy.

Also, it is the last 20% of the diet that gives you all the results and the quick weight loss.  If you do the diet only 80% then your weight loss will be extremely slow.  So you are basically dieting but hardly getting any results.  This is a sure way to lose motivation and quit your weight loss program.  When weight loss happens quickly, especially at the beginning it is really motivating for people to stick to the program.

Training must be done right too.  Not only should you be following a correct exercise program but you must not miss and you must work hard.  If you do not push hard during workouts you are missing the major fat-burning benefits from them.  It is those last painful reps that cause huge amounts of fat frying lactic acid to be produced.  If the diet and exercise program are bang on then results can happen very, very quickly.

Another thing that people need to realize is that dieting and exercise are both needed to get not only the fastest rate of weight loss but also to make sure you stick to the program.  Sure you can lose weight by only dieting, but it is much easier to stay on a diet if you are working out and vice versa.  Plus a person’s body will be much more toned than if they did not workout.  It is also important to note that if a person loses weight only dieting then they have a much higher chance of putting the weight back on.

So my advice is this.  If you are going to try to lose weight then hit it hard and hit it fast.  Rough it out and you will very soon find that it becomes super easy.  Once you get to this point it is only a matter of time until you reach your weight loss goals!

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