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Stay Away From These Foods If You Want To Lose Weight

high carb foodsIf you want to make some major changes in your body whether it be to gain muscle or lose fat then you must follow a specific diet to get you there.  The best training programs in the world will not get you anywhere if your diet is not bang on.

Now there are some obvious foods to avoid and some not so obvious foods to avoid if you want to lose some serious weight.  If you are over=weight then there is a very good chance that you cannot eat carbohydrates.  Don’t worry this goes for about 80% of the population so you have a lot of company.

Ok so let’s go over some foods that you may or may not be eating that are stopping you from losing weight:

Anything made with Flour.  It doesn’t matter if it is whole wheat or not.  They both have a similar effect to insulin levels as table sugar.

Grains.  Whole grain or not they too have a similar impact on insulin levels as table sugar.  Avoid whole grains as well.

Fruit Juices.  Fruit juice has a very high sugar content with very little fiber.  They are almost as bad as drinking soft drinks.  Soft drinks are definitely out too.

Diet Drinks.  Diet Drinks have the toxin aspartame in it.  Studies show that people who drink diet drinks gain more weight than people who don’t.  Scientists believe that even though they don’t have sugar in them they are still able to raise insulin levels.

Yogurt.  Most yogurt is loaded with sugar.

Breakfast cereals–  Yes even the so called “healthy” ones are bad for you.

Rice cakes.  This so called health food is far from it.  Although they have no fat they do have a bad effect on blood sugar.

Too much fruit.  Yes eating too much fruit can cause you to gain weight.  Although they contain many good nutrients they also contain a lot of sugar in the form of fructose.  For people who are trying to lose weight they should limit fruit to one serving/day and this should come from berries as they are low glycemic.  Dried fruit is also a no-no as they have a very big impact on blood sugar levels.

Anything that has any ingredient that ends in –ose.  Anything that ends in a –ose is a sugar and will be bad for weight loss.  Look at the labels if there is anything like fructose, glucose, dextrose, etc. then make sure to avoid

Anything “low fat.”  A lot of food has been processed to cater to the “low fat” craze.  What they do to make up for the lack of fat and lack of taste is add in extra sugar to make it taste better.  For weight loss and health purposes if you must then you are better off eating the full fat version.

Anything processed.  Everything should be fresh and should not have ingredients in it that you cannot pronounce.

It is a good idea to get into the habbit of reading labels.  Not only should you be looking at the ingredients but you should also be paying attention to the macronutrient profile(carbs, fats, and protein) and to a lesser extent the caloric content.  Most people greatly underestimate how much calories they eat in a day, then wonder why they cannot lose weight.  However if you are following the correct diet calorie counting is not needed as long as you keep your macronutrient profiles on.


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