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Why You MUST Get Past The First Month Of A Weight Loss Program

The first month of a weight loss program is always the hardest.

A lot of things are going on and your brain and body are wondering what the hell is going on.

Lets start with the diet.

Eating a bunch of different foods than you are used to can be difficult for some at first. There is the sugar withdrawal and also you you have to give your palate a chance to change. Everything will taste bland and like cardboard until your palate changes.

Also, you might be hungry for the first week or 2 but this passes quickly.

Usually for 90% of people by week 2 of the diet they are finding it quite easy with little to no hunger.

But you must push past the difficult parts at first to get there.

Now there is the exercise part.

When you first start working out your body has a very low tolerance to exercise.

It doesn’t take much to get a person sick and very sore.

This is why I always start my clients off super slow then progress from there.

I always tell people to start off at 50% of what they can do and when it get a bit difficult to stop.

Also, when you first start working out your muscles and nervous system are not really working optimally.

So for example when you first start working out you only may be able to recruit 50% of your muscle mass.

With proper training you can push that up to recruiting 90% of your muscle mass.

Usually you notice this effect starting to kick in about 2-4 weeks in.

This is where you will usually see big time increases in a clients strength and co ordination.

It is as if their muscles were “sleeping.”

Does this effect make the workout seem different to the client?

You bet it does.

If a client gets to 30 days perfect there is an extremely high chance that they keep going for a long time after and also that they find the program easy and enjoyable.

All they got to do is get there first!



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