2 Tricks To DESTROY Hunger

It stands to reason that if you are hungry on a diet you won’t last long on it.

So one of the main objectives is to keep my clients in a state where they are not hungry most of the time.

And for most clients once they pass the first week they are rarely hungry anymore, in fact they find it hard to eat as much as I want them to.

But what if you are still hungry while following the diet?

I have 2 Tricks that I like to use:

1. Eat more protein. If you are still hungry then add in more lean protein sources. Protein is not energy dense and out of all the macronutrients it keeps you the fullest the longest. But make sure it is lean.

2. Have a higher fat high protein breakfast such as the Meat and Nuts Breakfast that my mentor Charles Poliquin used to swear by(I actually think he trademarked it lol.)

Have a lean meat for breakfast with a SMALL handful of nuts. His argument was that the first thing you put in your mouth for the day sets up your neurotransmitter production for the rest of the day. I can attest that this does work. As weird as it sounds to eat meat and nuts for breakfast you cannot deny the results. I used to make the Meat and Nuts Breakfast mandatory for clients as it did work well but a lot of people didn’t like eating breakfast(which is fine) and making them eat meat and nuts was a bit too hard core for some. However alot of people did like it. Try it for yourself and see.

He also said that breakfast should be the biggest meal of the day.

So if you find yourself being hungry try one of both of these tips and I can almost guarantee you that you wont be hungry while you are losing weight!


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