Variety Is NOT The Spice Of Life

I recently read an article by a well known fitness expert and he basically was saying something that I have been saying for a long time, but it’s nice to get validation.

Too much variety of foods in the diet make it harder to diet and decrease chances of success.

I always ask clients how their diet is and I have found that people who eat the same things most of the time tend to do better.

I know when I get my best weight loss results I eat mostly the same things.

I would say 80% of your diet should revolve around a core set of foods, then a little variation.

It might not be the most exciting but it works.

And it works well.

I also always said that I don’t believe that diet foods should taste too good.

And usually this doesn’t happen if you follow the diet.

Im not saying you should have to choke down your meals.

To make foods taste really good they usually have to have a combo of fat/sugar.

When this happens people will tend to overeat no matter what.

You should never be thinking about food all day and be like “I can’t wait to eat.”

Its more of a “I have to eat this and although Im not in a mind frame of I cant wait to eat this, it tastes pretty good and I am definitely full after a small amount.”

Your body has a hard time regulating food intake of sweet/fatty foods.

Which is why you will by hungry all day when eating 3000 calories of junk foods and why you won’t be hungry all day eating 1000 calories of the right foods.

For people with weight/food problems high calorie sweet fatty foods are devil.

Do This: Only have the allowed diet foods in the house. Keep them similar, find something you like and make them routine.


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