“I Ate All The Cookies”

So the other day a client (who has been doing really well) came in and as usual I asked her how her diet is and if she has lost any weight this week. I knew she was ready for a big drop as she has been really good with her diet for the past few weeks but the scale hasn’t moved. When this happens you will usually see a few pound drop overnight.

Anyways this is how it went down:

Me: How is your diet

Her: I blew it on the weekend!

Me: What happened you were doing so well?!

Her: Well I had some new neighbours move in next door and I thought it would be nice if I baked them some cookies.

Me: AND?

Her: Well I had them all wrapped up in nice wrapping paper and I was ready to deliver them. Then I opened them up and ATE ALL OF THEM. They never even made it to the neighbours!

Me: (After LOL’ing pretty hard, because let’s admit it, it is a funny story) I was like why did you do that? Why would you even put that temptation out there. That would be like an alcoholic buying a bottle for someone and keeping it around. You could have done something else like fruit basked or something!

Me: But you know what? That is something I would totally do myself lol. Thats why I would never put myself in that position.

Anyways she did get back on track right after that, then happily texted me 5 days later that she did get her drop of 2 pounds overnight for a total of almost 20 pounds.

I hear all types of different stories from my clients and 99% of the time I can relate. I think most of us can. That is something that I could have seen myself doing. I know what its like to fly off the rails and eat a pizza or a pail of ice cream, then hate myself after. Most of us with food problems understand that.

I share clients stories not to make fun of out them or out them cuz lets face it most of us have done stuff like this.

I do it for a few reasons. I think most of us can relate to stuff like this. Also there is something valuable to be learned by them. And lastly people love to hear these stories. I will always get feedback from stories with my clients.

Anyways the few take homes from this story are:

First of all don’t put yourself in a position like this where you will be tempted. For the most part you shouldn’t even have food like this in your house. Remember willpower doens’t work. What does work is changing your environment and habits.

The second one is that after she did this she got right back on her diet. So in the overall scheme of things it wasn’t that big of a deal. A lot of people would have turned it into a weekend binge, now thats a problem. In all of reality she wasted a day or 2 of dieting at most.

This was a minor set back that most people will experience on their weight loss journey.


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