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Having Trouble Getting That “Toned” Look?

One of the biggest requests I get from new clients is that they would like to look more “toned.”

Most of the time they will point to a problem area, whether it be their arms, legs, butt, stomach, back, whatever.

They will be like, “can we do an exercise to get rid of this?” as they will point to or pinch the problem area.

What they are referring to is “spot training” or basically training a body part to help tone that body part…which doesn’t work.

What does work is losing body fat and getting leaner. This is what makes you more “toned.”

Of course you would like muscle mass below it, but most people already have the muscle mass below it to look good(if they are weight training properly), all they need to do is lean up a bit…which means dropping more body fat.

I had a client who lost 30 pounds and is already in good shape mention to me the other day that she would still like to look more toned and defined. I told her all she had to do was probably lose about 5 more pounds and she would be happy with how toned her body is, as long as she continued to work out.

The bottom line is that if you are already fairly lean, but are confused as to why you don’t look more toned, then more than likely you have to lose even more body fat. You would be surprised at how light the people that are on the cover of fitness magazines are.


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