One Of The Secret Keys To Weight Loss

I was having a conversation with one of my clients this morning and she was saying how she was struggling a bit with the diet. She started off great and lost about 35 pounds, but lately has been maintaining her weight for the last few months or so.

She said, “I’m finding the diet more difficult than at the beginning.”

My response was, “you are making the diet more difficult because you are being erratic and less consistent with it.”

At the very beginning she did the diet perfect. What then happens is a persons palate, and taste buds change. It takes some time but they do change so that you find good foods more enjoyable.

This is why when a person first starts dieting it is difficult because everything tastes like cardboard and they don’t enjoy eating at all.

But, if they keep up with the diet, it actually becomes a lot easier because of their change in the way foods taste.

So given her situation, by bouncing back and forth with eating good and bad, it will always make dieting a lot harder because every time she eats good everything will taste like crap. She never gives her taste buds and palate a chance to adjust.

I then told her this is why you found dieting so easy at the beginning is because you allowed for this to happen…which is why you ended up losing 35 pounds.

So my advice is that if you are struggling with your diet, do the 21 Day Reset to get back on track and make dieting a lot easier.


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