There will be times throughout your weight loss journey that you go off of your diet and eat a bunch of crap foods. Maybe it’s a holiday, special occasion, or maybe you just had a mental breakdown and said F it and ate whatever you wanted and gave into your cravings.

Although it’s not a good thing to do this often, understand that it will happen to you throughout your journey.

What is critical is what you do after these events.

You can accept it and take in stride and get right back on the diet or you can throw up your hands in the air and go on a week long eating binge.

In the overall picture having an off meal here and there is no big deal and wont affect your weight loss results.

However if you follow up a bad meal with a bunch of other bad meals then you will definitely undo all of the hard work and dieting you have done.

And you won’t lose any weight, in fact you will probably gain weight.

So my advice is don’t get too down on yourself if you slip up. Dust yourself off and get right back on it and you won’t skip a beat!


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