Lose The Weight First Then Worry About How To Maintain

Once in a while I will get contacted by a potential client and they are overly concerned about how they are going to keep the weight off BEFORE THEY EVEN LOST ANYTHING.​  Yes they are concerned about what they are going to do to maintain their weight loss before they even started the program.

They will be like, “I see you get great results but how many of your clients keep it off?” or “what will my diet look like when I lose all the weight?”,  “is this diet sustainable long term”?

I don’t understand how any of these are relevant questions at all.

To me thats like saying what am Im going to spend a million dollars on before I even made one.


My answer to any of these questions is, “How about you lose the weight first then I will show you options.”

Anything more than that is a WASTE OF TIME.

They have built up the diet to be so difficult before they have even tried it.

The reality is that its not that hard at all and the majority of my clients do really well with it and lose a ton of weight quickly.

Lets look more in depth at the questions above:

Question: “I see you get great results but how many of your clients keep it off?” 

Answer:  Well some keep it off and some gain it back.  If I knew how to keep the weight off of everyone once they lost it then I would be sitting on my own private island somewhere.  I do know that if they go back to their old habits and eat like crap then yes they will gain it back.  I do know that a higher percentage of people keep it off if they continue to work with me once they lost the weight.

Question: “what will my diet look like when I lose all the weight?”​

Answer: “Lets lose the weight first then worry about it”  However the reality is there are many options.  You can diet many different ways, as long as you are in calorie maintenance you will maintain.  You can go low carb, high carb, IF, IIFYM.  The solutions really are endless.  It’s all down to personal preference.  I am a huge fan of dieting during the week and taking weekends off.

Question: Is this diet sustainable long term?

Answer:  “Of course it is.  I have had clients doing it for years.”  I do suggest something more moderate once the person has lost their weight though.  The problem is in most of the people I deal with have control issues with food.  So a moderate diet is a very slippery slope for them that can get out of control very quickly.   Then they are back to square one.

If you plan on starting a weight loss program then really all of your effort and energy should be focussed on losing it.

Once you have lost it then you can use all of your energy to explore different options on how you are going to keep it off.


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