6 Simple Ways To CRUSH Your Diet Plan

To be able to stick to a diet both long term and consistently will determine how well you will do in your weight loss journey and how quickly you will reach your goals.

Here are some simple things you can do that will help you stick to the plan!

1. Weigh yourself daily. A lot of people do not like doing this as little water fluctuations will stress them out. This is why you should weigh yourself daily and take the weekly average. I know when a person hasn’t weighed themselves in a while that their diet probably isn’t that great. They avoid it because to see the weight gain will stress them out.

2. Keep a food journal. Writing down what you have eaten helps tremendously when sticking to a diet. Being accountable to yourself and actually seeing it on paper does make a difference. My clients have stated over and over that it has helped them once they have started doing this.

3. Write down your goals, tell someone about them and what you are doing to reach them. Studies have shown that writing down goals helps but you have to tell someone about them and what you are doing to achieve that. Check in with them regularly.

4. Wear tight clothes with no give at least once a week. Get a pair of jeans that fits fairly tight and those are your gauge from now on. There is no fooling jeans you will know right away whether or not you are gaining weight. People wear stretchy clothes for weeks and months on end then have an event where they want to wear their favorite pair of jeans, then are surprised as to why they cant even get a leg in. Been there, done that lol and it SUCKS BIG TIME.

5. Have a trainer that will help keep you accountable and focused on your goals. It is a never ending process and you do need the proper guidance and support systems in place. Having a trainer will make sure you show up to for your workouts. Working out makes it easier to diet. Simple

6. Follow a structured exercise program. Exercise makes dieting easier and dieting makes it easier to follow a workout program. It is a “coupling effect” that if you do them together your chances of succeeding with either is increased dramatically than if trying to do each on their own.

If you follow these steps I have no doubt that you will dramatically increase your chances of success, and that is what it is all about!



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