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Are You Playing The Long Game?

Everyone is super impatient when it comes to getting things, reaching goals or whatever.

Whether it be losing weight, making money, learning a new skill, etc.

They want it and they want it now…oh ya and with as little effort as possible.

Thats why you will see stuff like “lose 10 pounds in 20 days” (like my challenge lol, and yes some people lost even more than that. I might open it for a few days again dunno) or “make $10k in the next month” or lean “how to play guitar in 4 hours.”

You see what I am getting at.

People have always been and will always be impatient and will want whatever it is as soon as possible with the least effort as possible.

It’s just human nature.

However as with accomplishing most great things in life you will have to play the long game.

Makes sense or everyone would be accomplishing all of these great things.

This is great for you though because if you are willing to play the long game and accomplish goals you are already separating yourself from a lot of the population.

In fact just by not being overweight you already stand out from half the population.

More about the long game:

Take weight loss or fitness and health. Sure you can lose weight pretty quickly, depending on how much you have to lose, but even then you will still have to keep up with your diet and exercise or you will gain it back and lose all of your health benefits.

You just don’t reach your goal and say, “ok that’s great! I’m just going to go back to sitting around all day and eating ice cream and chips.”

No, you play the long game.

You keep doing whatever you are doing that got you there and keep improving.

That’s why when I get frustrated clients that haven’t lost 50 pounds in a month I tell them “we are doing all we can physiologically to lose weight as quickly as possible, when you get there you get there…the journey is almost as good as the goal.”

People always think that they will only feel good and better about themselves once they reach their goals but this is not true either.

You will feel better once you start working towards whatever goal it is.

Also if you look at any successful person they will have worked many years playing the “long game” to get where they are.

They just didn’t work hard for a month and that’s it.

What to do: Change your mindset that all great things in life will require hard work, dedication, and playing the “long game.”

Simply by understanding this, and understanding that most people arn’t willing to do this puts you at a huge advantage already.

Now you just have to do it.

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