4 Tips To Quit Snacking In The Evening

Out of the thousands of phone consults I have had with people that are overweight, most of them have one thing in common: they snack in the evenings.

It’s not usually healthy foods either but rather high calorie junk food.

For a lot of these people if they would simply cut out the evening snacking they would lose weight.

Here are 4 tips you can do today to help you quit snacking in the evenings and help you lose weight:

  1. Throw out any triggering high calorie junk food that you like to snack on. If it’s in the house you will eat it. It’s not if but when. Remember willpower doesn’t work, you must control your environment.
  2. Eat your meals later in the day. Yes, if you find that you are hungry in the evenings then it makes sense to push your last meal(s) a bit later so that you are not battling hunger every evening. NO, you are not more likely to gain weight if you eat before bed that is a myth.

    If the calorie load is the same you can eat one big meal per day before bed and you would not gain any more weight than if you ate that calorie load throughout the day.
  3. Load your calories more towards the end of the day. It makes more sense to eat less(or not at all) in the morning when you are less hungry then to load those calories towards later in the evening when you are more hungry. (This is one of the reasons why I like intermittent fasting.)
  4. Brush your teeth after your last meal. Yes it works. It not only curbs hunger but once your teeth are brushed and clean it will have some effect on whether you will eat again before bed.

Follow these 4 rules and you will more than likely be able to quit your evening snacking once and for all.

For many of you reading, this may have a significant impact on your weight AND health.

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