Love Your Body Love Your Life

We live in a world which is obsessed with body image. A recent study out of Chapman University, California investigated just how important people’s perception of their body image is to their overall life satisfaction.   The study involved 12,000 participants in a survey, with questions probing personality, self esteem, personal characteristics, television viewing habits and [...]

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Fructose Damages Genes: DHA Repairs Them

  A new study out of UCLA, published in the journal EbioMedicine, has revealed that the consumption of fructose can alter the make-up of hundreds of genes within the human brain.  These distortions may lead to cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s and a range of other diseases.   The study also revealed that docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), an omega-3 [...]

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Heart Disease: Higher Muscle Mass Decreases Mortality

Increased muscle mass has long been known to build stronger bones, burn off body fat and increase functional fitness. Recent research indicates that it can also keep you alive longer.   A study out of the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA looked at the body composition of patients with cardiovascular disease. It was found [...]

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New Study: Eating Fresh Fruit Daily Associated With Lower Risk Of Heart Attack And Stroke

A new study published in the New England Journal Of Medicine has shown that people who eat fresh fruit on most days of the week have a lower risk of heart attack and stroke.  This study took place in China over a period of 7 years and followed 500,000 people.  The study was done on people [...]

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10 Questions To Ask When Hiring A Personal Trainer

Personal training is one of the fastest growing industries. Today more than ever people are more concerned about their health, quality of life, and how they look. Studies have shown that people who work with a trainer are more likely to keep up their workout routine and reach their goals. Personal training is also a very [...]

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Overweight Men Just as Likely to Face Discrimination As Women

  According to new research from The University of North Carolina, Charlotte (UNCC) and Rice University, overweight men are just as likely as to face discrimination as women who are overweight, when shopping or applying for jobs. Being discriminated against due to body type is not an issue that only affects women, even though that may [...]

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Skinnyfat: Looks Can Be Deceiving

In the medical community, there has traditionally been a clear line between having a healthy and obese bodyweight. It’s very easy to make a quick assumption based on someone’s looks, and classify them as either healthy or unhealthy, but this is not always the case. The data shows that neither assumption is necessarily true - obese [...]

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How To Feel Better Naturally

In America, the obesity epidemic is often discussed, but there is another epidemic that is too often overlooked - an epidemic of serotonin deficiency. Serotonin is the hormone in the brain that regulates various moods, and especially happiness. The fact that antidepressants are the most commonly prescribed drug in the world serve to support this theory; [...]

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