Why Are You Eating If You Are Not Hungry?

This is one thing that I don’t believe gets enough attention but is something to think about.

Clients will always ask me what to eat for breakfast if they are not hungry and don’t feel like eating.

My response is always the same, “If you arn’t hungry don’t eat anything.”

It doesn’t make sense to eat because it is a certain time of day.

No you won’t starve to death or become malnourished if you don’t eat breakfast.

I would rather a person save those calories because they might need to use them later on in the day or evening when they are hungry. (No eating before bed will not turn into fat.)

This would be thinking more strategic don’t you think?

If you guys are in my FB group you see that I usually eat at around three and six every day.

I’ll have my Greek yogurt/cottage cheese/fruit for my first meal then usually a veg and meat for dinner 3 hours later.

It’s weird I don’t get hungry usually until about three but once I eat I’m hungry again very fast which is why I eat at six.

Anyways yesterday three came and I wasn’t hungry so I didn’t eat. I wasn’t hungry until six so that was my first meal of the day.

I don’t know why I wasn’t hungry but whatever, so I decided to skip my usual eating time at three. (I mean if I’m not hungry why eat right? Plus I know I like to crave sweets in evening too.)

But what I did do was the usual meal I have at three, I now had after dinner at eight when I was hungry and craving something sweet.

Same calorie load but different timings based on when I was hungry.

Start thinking strategic like this about your hunger and meal timings and don’t eat if you arn’t hungry. Save those calories for later on when chances are you will be hungry.

If you know that you get absolutely hungry in the evening then yes you can have a lot of your calories then, but they will have to come from somewhere…you will just have to figure out from where.


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