Are You Stuck In a Rut?

I like to think of myself as a pretty productive person most of the time.

I get my exercise daily, work on my business, and self improvement.

I even try to train people once in a while too lol.

However as soon as I start eating garbage, which usually happens on holidays or some weekends my motivation and productivity takes a big hit.

When I eat like this all I want to do is lay around and not do much. That food literally acts like a sedative. (To think this is how some people eat every day and feel like this every day is scary, no wonder they run to the doc for pills.)

Instantly it removes all motivation and productivity and I cannot get back on track until I start eating clean again, and working out.

Any plans that I had are out the door, it really is unbelievable, that food would have such an immediate and profound effect.

Many of my clients have told me this as well over the years.

This was further reinforced by a conversation I had with my brother the other day.

He was in a really good groove with his diet, working out, and losing weight…and of course being productive.

I asked him if he was still working out and dieting as I knew he had a bunch of projects going on.

In an irate tone he said, “this is BS as soon as I stop eating good and working out it takes away my motivation and I don’t want to do anything.”

That was the first thing he mentioned was his productivity.

Now that I brought this up I’m sure a lot of you can agree with this.

While you may be thinking you lack motivation and the desire to be productive because of a personality trait it more than likely is a result of not eating good and exercising.

Eating good and exercising spills over so much positivity into every area of your life. I really don’t think people grasp how much their life will improve by multitudes if they ate good and exercised for a year vs. not eating well and not doing anything.

I also firmly believe that a lot of people blame not feeling well, lack of energy, and feeling old on getting older when in fact it is more of a result of eating like crap and not getting any exercise.

Put it to the test.

If you have been feeling unmotivated, unproductive, and low energy then do this: eat protein and produce only and exercise for 1 month.

I guarantee you the difference in that month will be night and day.

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