Never Trust An Exercise Machine

I’ll usually add in some sort or cardio on my off days from weight training just to make sure I’m doing some sort of activity for the day.

In the overall weight loss equation it is not a huge factor as opposed to diet.

What cardio does help with though is with health benefits but more importantly the mental benefits.

That’s why I do it is because mentally I feel so much better after I do it. (It will also help keep me on track with diet.)

I often tell people that they should be doing something most days of the week for health and mental benefits.

It doesn’t have to be long but I would make it at least 20 minutes.

Also it can be done split up.

If you went for a 15 min walk first thing in the morning, 15 min at lunch, and 15 min in the evening that is 45 min total which research says you will get the same health benefits as if you did it in one shot.

Also never believe what the machine says you have burned for calories during your workout. For the same activity and intensity I have had machines vary from 300-1000 calories.

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