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Do You Need Help With Motivation?

Do you need help with motivation? If you do this might be one of the most important things you ever read.

Most people have it ass backwards when it comes to motivation. They think you have to be at peak motivation to begin a workout/diet program. This goes with anything in life, but we will use working out and dieting for our purposes.

Weight loss groups are flooded with people asking for help to get motivated to start a weight loss or fitness program. They think they need to up their level of motivation to finally be ready to begin their program, which probably never happens for most.

Thats NOT how it works.

According to world famous, best selling author and business coach Dan Sullivan, “Nothing happens until after you commit.”

Only after you’re committed you are in psychological position to find or create solutions and pathways to higher levels of productivity.

After a person’s perceived point of no return – which was the moment of commitment often involving financial investment – their focus, motivation, and insights skyrocketed.

What does this mean for you to losing weight and getting fit and healthy?

Jump in and commit yourself to the program. Your motivation and focus will skyrocket and you will get it done. You will find your way…and we will be there to help and guide you.

Otherwise you will sit there spinning your wheels for months or years waiting to get motivated, which might never even happen.

NIKE is right on the money when they say, “JUST DO IT”

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