“I’m Starting To Feel Like My Old Self”

Most people change from year to year and not for the better. This usually includes fat gain and loss of muscle mass. Sometimes it happens fast and sometimes it happens slow. But even a fat gain of 5 pounds a year(which can easily happen) in 10 years is 50 pounds.

When a person gains fat and loses muscle the opposite effect happens as when they lose fat and gain muscle. They have less energy, motivation, drive, are more depressed, and have less self confidence. They also look and feel older.

Last week alone I had 2 female clients tell me, “I’m starting to feel like my old self!” I love to hear when clients tell me this as this really is a big reason why clients come to see us in the first place. They are looking to get back to how they used to look and feel before they went off the rails.

Yes it happens to the best of us and has happened to me many times in my life. The important part is you get back on track and do something about it. The sooner you do something about it the better as you will have less to lose but also you will start to feel better sooner.

Actually it doesn’t take long. Within the first month you too, will be able to say, “I’m starting to feel like my old self.”

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