“I’m Bringing A Food Scale To My Friends Dinner!”

I was scrolling through my FB and in one of my weight loss groups one of the girls said, “I have a dinner at my friends place, I’m going to bring my food scale!”

While there was a few people who were actually supporting this ridiculous idea of bringing it my answer was, “lol plz don’t be that person.”

One girl said, “Do it! I do it and my friends think I’m an inspiration!”

No correction: your friends think you are weird.


Not only the fact that people will think that she is nuts, what she has for dinner at her friends place is going to have very little bearing on her overall weight loss equation.

Sure she can pick better foods to eat or watch the amount she eats that is fine.

But to actually bring a scale and start weighing her food to the gram at her friends dinner is just odd.

To top it off she would probably bring the scale, weigh everything out, talk about dieting all night…then go home and eat a pail of ice cream.

Anyways, the take home message is this:

Social functions are going to come up once in a while.

Although I do try to avoid going to too many of them when trying to lose weight as I do believe they interfere and can sabotage a weight loss plan, once in a while they are unavoidable.

Try to make better choices and if that isn’t possible just eat small amounts.

The calorie load will even out.

If all else fails and you go to town, then just dust yourself off the next day and get back on track.

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