How To Drastically Reduce Age Related Chronic Disease

The older a person gets the more important health and quality of life becomes.

As many people say money doesn’t mean anything if you don’t have your health.  Money can buy alot of things but it can’t buy your health.

Look at the news and you will see many rich and famous people with various diseases, who would gladly give up everything to be healthy once again.

By now you know that eating good and exercising is healthy for you and that you should be doing it.  For those of you that are good for you.  For those of you that aren’t you should get on it.

A study (June 2019) by Stuart Phillips saying that RESISTANCE TRAINING should be used as the PRIMARY COUNTERMEASURE to age related chronic disease.

If you are over 40 and you are not doing any kind of resistance training then you are putting yourself up for an increased risk for many diseases, thus not only shortening your lifespan, but also quality of life.

Cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and many other ailments can be drastically reduced by following a simple weight training program.

The article is very science heavy but if you look at the recommended guidelines it is the same guidelines that I have been using for years with my clients with my T40FIT program.

  • full body workouts
  • >13 reps
  • 2 or more times per week

The article stated from following these guidelines you will get these benefits:

  • improved body composition
  • improved blood pressure
  • improved blood glucose andsensitivity
  • improved physical function and mobility
  • greater oxidative capacity
  • increased muscle mass and strength
  • improved immune function
  • improved blood lipid and vascular function

To get all of these benefits for such a small investment in time and effort really is a no brainer.

2x per week for about 45 minutes is all it takes. The best part is that these benefits do not take long to show once you start.

Remember if you start slow and progress moderately and within your comfort level, then weight training is something that most people enjoy doing.

If you are currently not weight training or are not happy with your current program then hit me up and hopefully I’ll be able to help you out!

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