Does Low Carb Work For Everyone?

​I am a big fan of low carb diets with my clients.  Although it doesn’t really matter if its high carb or low carb if the calorie load is the same I do believe that low carb is more effective in helping clients stick to the diet and reach their goals.

Is it the best for everyone?


According to my mentor the late Charles Poliquin not all people will perform and feel better on a low carb diet.  I have actually witnessed this myself with clients as well.

In his opinion a low carb approach is not good for 1 in 5 people.

But for these lucky 1 in 5 people that can eat carbs they do not usually have a weight problem to begin with.

Which means that for most people who have a weight problem low carb is the best way to go.

Carb tolerant people or people that can eat carbs usually dont have a weight problem to begin with.  Everyone has the one friend who can eat whatever they want and still be skinny.

According to Poliquin a easy way to tell if a person is carb tolerant or not is to give them a big high carb pancake breakfast in the morning.  If they are bouncing off the walls after them they are carb tolerant.  If they feel like going to sleep after then you are not carb tolerant and should not be eating much of them.

I know for myself if i eat a big pancake breakfast I feel like crap and would prob need a nap shortly after.  And to no surprise I have had to battle my weight all my life.

Try it out for yourself and see where you are at but chances are if you have had a weight problem your whole life then you are not carb tolerant and would be better off to avoid them.

Also most people who are carb tolerant will feel worse after a few weeks of low carb eating.  People who are not carb tolerant will feel much better on a low carb approach.

Many people will argue this but this is my opinion.


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