Eyeballing DOES NOT Work

I was having a convo with one of my clients the other day.  He has responded really well to the program…at first anyways.

I believe he was down 40 pounds in under 3 months, however the last month he was losing it very slow.

He then stated how he went back to the basics which meant weighing his food.

He said how “off” he was with his diet and was eating way too much food because he was eyeballing or estimating his food without weighing it.

This would definitely cause weight loss to slow down dramatically.

I then told him

Even though you eat the right foods you can still eat too many of them.

So if you find yourself in a weight loss rut and have not been weighing your foods then I suggest you get back on it.

People ALWAYS underestimate how much they eat.

BONUS TIP:  For an extra layer of accountability alot of clients find that writing down daily what they eat, both food and amount helps them stay on track and realize how much they are eating as well.


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