“I Have 4 Work Functions This Week!”

Talking with one of my long term clients this morning and she was saying how this week was going to be tough for dieting as she had a bunch of work functions to go to.

A lot of times when these work functions take place food is pre ordered and served so basically you get to pick from what is set out.

In situations like this you can still lose weight you just have to follow a simple rule.

This simple rule is: when you can’t stick to your diet then you have to make sure that the portion sizes are small.

Use a small plate, put a serving on of whatever it is and thats it.

Although the food might be calorie dense you are mitigating that by making sure that the volume is small.

The problem happens with you eat calorie dense foods, and a lot of them.

This is how you pile on weight quickly.

So for the above client if she stuck to her diet during the day and watched her portion sizes during her work events she could even have a drink or 2 and still lose weight throughout the week.

However you have to watch for booze because once people have a few drinks they tend to want to eat a bunch of bad foods.



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