If You Are Dieting And Hungry Eat This

Once in a while a client will tell me that they are dieting and yet they are still hungry.

Although this is quite rare it sometimes happen.

In fact most of my clients say that they can’t eat as much as I want them to, and thats ok.​

I will never tell a client to eat more if they arn’t hungry.

I believe that once a person starts eating the right foods the body will self regulate on how much it needs to eat.

If you are following the right diet and still hungry then add in more lean protein.

Protein will fill you up the longest and only has 4 cals/g.

Also 20% of the calories from protein are used up to digest it.

It is also great for adding muscle mass from weight training.

I do believe a lot of people who say they are hungry and want something more to eat want me to tell them they can have stuff that is not on the diet.

I tell clients that if you are still hungry when dieting then eat another chicken breast.

Often this person is magically no longer hungry if given this option.

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