How To Blow Your Diet Without Even Knowing It

Whenever someone is saying they are eating all the right foods yet are still not losing weight one of the first things I will look at is fat intake.

It is very easy to add a lot of calories from fats​ as they are very calorie dense.

And as you know if you eat too many calories you don’t lose any weight.

For example if a person eats in a day:

1tbsp of butter with eggs in am -100cals

2tbsp of olive oil with salad at lunch -240 cals

2tbsp of olive oil with salad at super -240 cals

One handful of nuts -160 cals

1/2 avocado -160 cals

All of this adds up to 900 calories per day just in fats.  This doesn’t even count for the protein or carbs you have to eat.

And this is where the problem lies for a a lot of people.

So if you find you cannot lose weight then take a very close look at your fat intake.

Even though it does not seem like much, those calories add up very quickly!

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