If You Are Not Losing Weight You Are Eating Too Much PERIOD

It seems that on a weekly basis I will get a call from a frustrated potential client that says they cannot lose weight no matter what.

Often times they will say something along the lines of, “I am not losing weight, do you think it’s because I am not eating enough?”

“Is it because Im starving myself?”

Which my usual answer is, “no thats a bunch of bullshit, if you are not losing weight then you are eating too much.”

Everyone has a set point in how much energy they expend throughout the day.  You eat less than that you lose weight, you eat more than that you gain weight, you eat the same your bodyweight stays the same.

The only way to increase how much energy you expend throughout the day is to do more activity.

Either by increasing NEAT or exercising more.

However this is very limiting, especially for people that are out of shape as they can’t work hard or long enough to burn enough calories to make a difference.

This is why the deficit must come through diet.

So if you find out that you cannot lose weight then you are more than likely eating too much food.



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