What To Do If You Are In a Weight Loss Rut

Almost everyone who has a lot of weight to lose will hit a point where their diet is not perfect, but not great either.  This will happen before they reach their goal and is usually triggered by an event that takes them out of their diet groove.  It is usually a trip or holiday.

I have seen people stuck in this rut sometimes for years.  They won’t lose weight but they don’t really gain much weight either.

They are kind of at a standstill.

Usually it is characterized by being very erratic with the diet.  Being good for a day or 2 then falling off.

In my opinion the only thing at this point keeping them somewhat on track and not gaining weight is that they continue to work out.

So what should you do if this happens?

I feel the best thing to do is do the 21 day break in part of the diet super strict so that you get back into the “groove” again.

This is the only way to get back on track for most people in my experience.


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