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There Is No Better Time To Start Than Right Now

Starting a weight loss/fitness program is a pretty big deal for most people. It is intimidating because of the unknown and also because people don't want to fail​. It is easy to put things off when people are unsure or intimidated. They are always waiting for the perfect time to start. The truth is there is [...]

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Why Sticking To Your Diet On Weekends Is Important

I have said many times that one of the best predictors of weight loss success is the ability of a person to stick to their diet on the weekends. My clients who lose weight the quickest are able to keep it tight on the weekend while the people who stay the same or lose very slowly are [...]

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Getting Fit And Healthy Is NOT As Difficult As Everyone Thinks It Is

Getting fit and healthy has been built up in people's minds that it is one of the most difficult things to do, and seems next to impossible for some. The reason for this is that they have probably tried to get fit, healthy, and lose weight many times before and have failed to reach their goal. [...]

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Should You Do Cardio On Your Non Weight Training Days?

My weight loss system revolves around weight training twice a week with a specific diet. I will often get asked by my clients, "should I, or can I do cardio on my off days?" My answer to this is unless you are really lean or you plan on doing ALOT of cardio then the added cardio [...]

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The One Simple Thing You Can Do To Make Dieting Easier

When following a weight loss diet chances are you are going to be hungry some of the time. However, it should not be all the time, and it should be manageable. It would stand to reason that the less hungry you are, the easier it is to stick to a diet, and the easier it would be to [...]

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