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Should You Drink Protein Shakes?

If there is one question I get asked all the time its “what do you think about protein shakes?” or “what kind of protein shake should I buy?” For most people, and especially for people trying to lose weight I don’t think that protein shakes are a good idea. They add to your calorie load without …

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Too Much Of A Good Thing

A lot of times when people come to me for help losing weight its not that they necessarily eat bad foods…its just that they eat too much food period. Even if it is lower calorie or less calorie dense food, you can still overdo it and not lose weight, although it is much more difficult. …

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My Stance On Snacks

People love their snacks. Go walk down the aisles and aisles of snacks in the grocery store and you will see a wide variety of them. Some are healthier and lower calorie ones then there are unhealthy, high calorie ones. My stance on snacks is NOT TO SNACK AT ALL. If you need to eat …

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