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Weight Loss

Weight Loss Is Not Linear

If there is one thing that I have had to repeat hundreds of times to my clients over the years is that weight loss is not linear. At least 2 to 3 times per week I have to stop someone from having a nervous breakdown because they gained a pound over night for no reason. When …

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Watch Your Nuts

Nuts can be very healthy for you. They contain good fats, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. But most people who are trying to lose weight should not eat them. The big problem with nuts is that they are very calorie dense and people eat way too much of them. Even though they are healthy they contain …

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Success Breeds Success

This is such an important saying when it comes to weight loss. Each day you are successful at dieting it makes it easier to diet the next day. It compounds and increases by each day….a snowball effect. This is how a weight loss plan will work…IF YOU DO IT PROPERLY. Weekend 1: “This sucks…it’s hard, …

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Do This To Look Younger

Many people are not aware but the easiest way to look younger is to lose weight. This of course is if you are overweight to begin with. If you are already skinny then this could actually have a negative effect and start to make you look gaunt. However for most of you reading this you …

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Remove Bad Habit Triggers

When trying to remove bad habits a good technique is to stop doing whatever it is you do that is associated with that bad habit. For example for smokers who want to quit smoking they will have to quit drinking coffee as well because they are used to having coffee with a cigarette. For people …

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