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3 Killer Desserts You Can Eat DAILY While Dieting

Ok you guys are gonna love this one. Here are 3 desserts you can eat daily! If this isn't enough on a diet then I don't think I can help you. The base you can either use: Greek Yogurt Cottage Cheese Now take one of these and measure out how much you eat will have to follow [...]

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How NOT To Get That Skinny-Fat Look

Skinny fat: Looking skinny with clothes on but when you take off your clothes you look fat. No muscle tone/mass and fat/flabby areas. Also this person will be weak...very weak and more than likely have poor posture. Not a look anyone should be striving for and indicates poor health. So how do we get this dreaded [...]

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What Is Better Than Losing 11.5 Pounds In 2 Weeks?

So I was having a discussion with one of my new clients this morning. She is ecstatic that she has lost 11.5 pounds in the first 2 week which is great considering she only needs to lose 30 or so. Anyways she says, "you know what's even better than that? The way that I FEEL!" I [...]

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My Love/Hate Relationship With Compliments

Compliments, I love it when my clients get them but at the same time I hate it. One of the most rewarding parts of losing weight is getting compliments. You can see my clients faces light up as they tell me about all the compliments they are starting to get. This is awesome for confidence and [...]

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The 2 Most Critical Times In Your Weight Loss Journey

You will often hear me say that the first 3 weeks of the diet are absolutely critical to reaching your weight loss goals. You must do them absolutely perfectly. Once you get to 3 weeks of perfect dieting you will not only see significant weight loss and change but it will also be much easier to [...]

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