“I’m So Scared And Nervous To Start The Gym”

Someone in a FB weight loss group was freaking out that they were suppose to start they gym tomorrow and they are scared and nervous.

Im sure there is a few reasons.

First they are probably unsure of themselves and don’t know if they can do it or what to expect.

This shouldn’t be a problem if they just start off slow and take it easy.

Im assuming the real reason why she was “scared and nervous” was because she didn’t want to look/feel stupid or be judged by other people in the gym.

This is a very common fear with people that don’t know how to workout and/or are out of shape.

My exact answer to that was,”don’t worry about it no one cares. The people who you think that will be judging you are wayyy too into themselves to worry about you.”

Funny but true.

The meatheads and fitness/IG workout models are way too busy worrying about selfies, posing, and seeing who is looking at them to give 2 shits what anyone else is doing.

Never let fear of being judged or fear that you will be able to do it to ever stop you from starting to workout.

Everyone starts at day 1.

Some just do it later than others.

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