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Gaining 3 Pounds Overnight!

I was talking to one of my clients this morning who has been dieting well. She has lost over 30 pounds and is really sticking to the program. She said she went out one night and had some “non diet” foods but said she didn’t eat alot. She then said she was shocked how when …

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Why I Don’t Use Fat Burners

You can look through any exercise magazine or hell almost everywhere and you will see advertisements with the latest fat burning miracle. It still surprises me to this day that people fall for this. There is no “secret” or “magic” formula or potion/pill  that will burn the fat off of you without you having to …

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Fasted Cardio?

Clients will always ask me if they should do “fasted cardio.” Fasted cardio has been taught forever because in theory it is supposed to burn more fat. Fasted cardio is doing cardio on an empty stomach. Many people would get up extra early to do cardio as soon as they get up because they thought …

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