New Study: Smoking Cigarettes Will Kill 2 Out Of 3 Of It’s Users

We all know the phrase, “smoking kills.” Ever since the mid-1900s, doctors have been telling us of the many dangers associated with smoking tobacco, including increased mortality rates. The most influential of these studies, published in 1956, presented very strong evidence that over half of all smokers would one day die, due to complications from smoking. [...]

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Supercharge Your Fat Loss: Intermittent Fasting

A new trend that has been coming up in the fitness industry over the last few years is fasting, which is, alternating times of eating and non-eating. There are different methods to choose from, but without a doubt, fasting can greatly increase fat loss and provide a host of other health benefits. According to Dr. Michael [...]

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Carbs At Morning Or At Night?

There are many myths surrounding carbohydrates, not the least of which being the timing of their intake. Some say consume carbs in the morning, some say after a workout, some say not at all. The best recommendation? Consume them later in the day, to maximize body composition and health benefits.   While many bodybuilding gurus have [...]

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5 Days Of Inactivity Causes Damage To Blood Vessels

Most people probably know that exercise is important to improve health, and research continues to support this idea. Recently, research from the University of Missouri School of Medicine showed that reducing daily physical exercise, even for a few days, led to a decrease in the function of blood vessels. This decrease in function, found in the [...]

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Diabetes And How It Affects Your Brain

In the United States, nearly one in four people have diabetes, or are pre-diabetic. Recent data indicates that type 2 diabetes in people ages 10-19 increased by 30 percent from 2001 to 2009. This is not only an American problem; in the UK, more than one-third of adults are pre-diabetic. Rates of diabetes are rising in [...]

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Is It Possible To Be Overweight And Healthy?

In recent times, researchers have been examining the possibility of a state of being metabolically healthy; that is, carrying excess body fat, without having the negative healthy symptoms typically associated with obesity. While it may be possible to be overweight or obese, and technically healthy, the latest research shows that it is very unlikely. Research on [...]

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Meditation To Improve Your Quality Of Life

Meditation has been practiced for many years, and recently, science has shown some very real physical benefits. Recently, a team of researchers affiliated with Harvard University performed an 8-week study on the effects of mindful meditation on the brain. Using MRI scans on participants, researchers found some incredible results over the course of the study. In [...]

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Artificial vs. Natural Sweeteners

Artificial sweeteners, common in many diet programs, do a lot more harm than good. Popular sweeteners such as Splenda, Equal, and others, may be calorie-free, but that doesn’t mean they are healthy for the human body in any way. Aspartame, a common sweetener, is made up of three chemicals. Once ingested, these three chemicals heat up [...]

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How To Build Stronger Bones Through Exercise

Building stronger, more dense bones is one of the main benefits of following a well developed exercise program.  This is especially a concern for people as they get older as bone density decreases and chances of fractures or breaks goes up.  Osteoporosis- a disease that is characterized by critically low levels of bone mass, can be [...]

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