Keto Craziness

Ketogenic(keto) diets area all the rage right now. Especially all over social media it's constantly in your face. Now Keto isn't exactly rocket science. Basically all you have to do is eat less than 100g of carbs per day and your body will go into ketosis. I personally use a ketogenic diet and like using them [...]

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How To Kill Your Fear Of Going To The Gym

It is no surprise that a lot of people are intimidated by the gym...especially if they are overweight and/or don't know what they are doing. This is very common. I have had people literally trembling the first time I meet them. They are unsure if they can do the exercises and are afraid of embarrassing themselves [...]

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The Best Predictor Of Weight Loss Success

The ability to stick to the diet on the weekends. The weekends are public enemy #1 when it comes to weight loss. Almost every one of my clients can follow the diet perfect from Monday to Friday. However once the weekend happens then all hell breaks loose for alot of people. Whenever I see my clients [...]

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5 Common Mistakes People Make When Trying To Get To A Healthy Bodyweight

For some people it's easy, but for the majority of people who try to lose weight it seems like mission impossible.  With so much information on the internet(which much of it is conflicting) people are very confused when it comes to how they should lose weight.  When I start to work with new clients and dig [...]

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New Study: Low Calorie Sweetener Associated With Heavier Weight, Larger Waist, And Increased Abdominal Obesity

A new well done study that followed 1454 participants over a 10 year span found that the use of low calorie artificial sweeteners is independently associated with heavier relative weight, larger waist and a higher prevalence and incidence of abdominal obesity. The study suggests that although the sweeteners have less calories they may have a metabolic [...]

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10 Ways Knitting Can Improve Health Of Older Adults

Introduction Knitting and crocheting may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of getting in shape. In fact, it is generally regarded as a passive activity that is anything but health promoting. While it’s benefits in terms of producing items of clothing are obvious, you may be surprised to learn that [...]

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