There will be times throughout your weight loss journey that you go off of your diet and eat a bunch of crap foods. Maybe it's a holiday, special occasion, or maybe you just had a mental breakdown and said F it and ate whatever you wanted and gave into your cravings. Although it's not a good [...]

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Lose The Weight First Then Worry About How To Maintain

Once in a while I will get contacted by a potential client and they are overly concerned about how they are going to keep the weight off BEFORE THEY EVEN LOST ANYTHING.​  Yes they are concerned about what they are going to do to maintain their weight loss before they even started the program. They will be like, [...]

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When Not Losing Weight Is Actually A Good Thing

It is very rare that if a person has a lot of weight to lose that they will go consistently downward until they reach their goal. Often they will go on many streaks where they will be perfect with their diet and lose alot of weight quickly. However there will be times when life gets in the [...]

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The #1 Exercise If You Are Overweight And Out Of Shape

Most of the people that come see me are overweight and out of shape, which is actually which I prefer.  I like to see progress on people not only with weight loss but also their strength and conditioning. I love hearing from clients that after a period of training with me that they are able to [...]

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How To Drastically Reduce Age Related Chronic Disease

The older a person gets the more important health and quality of life becomes. As many people say money doesn’t mean anything if you don’t have your health.  Money can buy alot of things but it can’t buy your health. Look at the news and you will see many rich and famous people with various diseases, [...]

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